The In-Memory Database for speed, scalability, and performance.

Things are changing fast, including your database! Compared to traditional databases, accessing data from disks is faster and seamless using In-Memory Database technology. With reduced latency and rapid response time, In-Memory DBs keep all the data in the RAM and are great at handling large spikes in traffic.
With Century Software’s In-Memory Database for retail businesses, your performance improves dramatically.


Execute a large number of queries in under a second.

Database Download

Speed, scalability and performance. Speed up reports.


Supercharge the performance
of your dotNET applications.

Reporting &

Out of the box analytics with Interactive Reporting.

Blistering fast performance for your dotNET apps

In less than a second, InMemory.Net can query hundreds of millions of data rows on a server or tens of millions from a simple desktop.
Designed to run with dotNET 4.0 or above, InMemory. Net allows dotNET applications to run queries at lightning speed.



Data Compression

To keep as much data in memory as possible, unique values within each column are stored in a lookup array. Another array is used as an index that corresponds with the actual value in the lookup array. Therefore, each value is stored once instead of multiple times. In the compressed physical file, unique values are saved first, followed by the required number of bits used to represent it. When loaded into memory 8 bits (char) are used if the number of unique values is 255 or less, 16 bits (ushort) if it’s 65535 or less, otherwise 32 bits (int).

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