A Business Process Management system
tailor-made for
your business.

Streamline your business by easily integrating Century’s Business Process Management software customized to boost efficiency and productivity across every department.

BPM that equips you with all the tools you need

Address ever
business needs

Low-Code App Development

Serve business needs faster and in real-time with a low-code app development environment. Build fast, scale better with comprehensive app management capabilities.


Combine rule-based decision making capabilities with powerful robotic process automation to achieve desired results faster.

User Experience

Get the help of built-in UX/UI design templates to deliver business value seamlessly. Get better business outcomes by building enterprise level applications for your business.

Low-Code App Development

Business Rules Management

Achieve superior employee productivity standards to deliver personalized service to your customers.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Automate existing systems and manage last-mile errors across enterprise verticals. Track departmental performance and processing with ease.

Business Process Automation

Achieve 100% automation with predefined data models, customizable UI and pre-built processes, connectors and integrations. Scale quickly and evolve with real-time business requirements.

Achieve Intelligent

Key Features

Century Software’s must-have features empower you to eliminate redundancies, improve workflow, and save time by automating repeated, mundane tasks while still giving you full control over the process.

No coding

Lets users manage processes without code


Users love the uncomplicated, simple design

Built for

Handle increased users, data volume, & complexity easily


Link your workflows with APIs and handy tools like Zapier


Custom metrics keep you aware of the state of each process

How does our BPA Software work?

While our BPM System uses a set of strategies to streamline and automate manual processes, our Business Process Automation Software provides the platform & systems to apply said strategies into practice. We use BPA Tools that generate improvement across the organization and its activities, reduce costs and introduce discipline into all workflows.

Bring Innovation to your
Business Processes with
Century Software

Century Software’s web based Business Process Management System helps you gain exceptional visibility, agility, and consistency of your business processes and saves you both time and money. BPM tools powered by Century Software empower you in locating issues in your processes, implementing quick fixes and refining them. This tool is built with best practices that allow you to thoroughly plan and track your projects.

With Business Process Management Software
(BPMS), you can:

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