Redefine CPA Firm Performance
With Business Process Automation

Get Seamless and Optimized Workflows with
Century Software

Why CPAs Need Business Process Automation

With process automation platforms, professional services firms can automate operational areas that work in tandem with their core business solutions.
With Century Software’s BPA, firms can also achieve complete automation within and between departments who otherwise work in silos – Finance, Marketing, HR, Firm Administration and core practice areas. Bring it all together with seamless integration for a digitally progressive firm.

Complete Process Transformation

Century Software BPA is exclusively designed to cater to data, workflow and automation needs of CPAs.

Data Integration with
Professional Software

Automate Business

Process Transformation

A Closer Look at Century Software BPA

Mainstream operational activities need point process apps to deliver seamless productivity. Century Software BPA for CPAs allows you to build custom workflows to track, optimize and scale performance in real time. With BPA, you control how people, processes and assets are connected to yield desired business results.

Improve business productivity

Improve employee satisfaction

Reduce operating

Reduce likelihood of errors

Increase process transparency

Reduce time in task execution

Century Software Apps for CPAs

Century Software BPA Applications are built with custom APIs to easily integrate with your core business systems. They are designed to automate processes and exchange data between systems to allow smooth information flow from various departments of your organization.



expense reimbursement


it service management



cpa practice

How it Works

Century Software BPA is a visual platform with ready-to-use apps that can be customized to suit the operational needs of your business. The visual interface makes the solution intuitive and easy to use for non-technical professionals. Apps can range from customer onboarding, resource management, accounts, vendor management and more. Transform your processes with complete automation. Take a look at how it works.

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