Business Intelligence
for CPA Firms

Insight-driven performance improvement

Why do you need BI for your CPA Firm

Data is the most powerful tool at your disposal. Business Intelligence (BI) helps CPA Firms use data to answer pressing questions. Access to this data allows CPA Firms to address issues quickly and focus on growing their business. Our team at Century Software uses a modern and interactive approach, which allows multiple levels of users to customize dashboards, easily create reports, set up alerts, automate emails, and more.

Using our BI services, multiple levels of users can now customize
dashboards, create reports with ease, set up alerts, automate emails and more.

Benefits of Business Intelligence

Timely insights support effective decision making. Century Software’s BI for CPA Firms delivers rich analytics from existing financial tools. Plug it in, sort your data, and generate meaningful reports and dashboards to grow to your business.

Enhanced Customer Experience

Comprehensive Data Visualization

Real-time, Interconnected Data

Quick Data Driven Decisions

Better Performance KPIs

Increased Revenue

Key Features

Pre-built Dashboards

Automated Report Distribution

Advanced Analytics

Built-in Data Warehousing

Extensible & Customizable

Data-driven Alerts & Automation

Out-of-the-box Integration

Intuitive UI


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Some of Our Customers

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Why choose Century Software?

Our BI experts work to understand the needs of your CPA Firm and their changing dynamics. Our experts craft custom roadmaps to suit your needs and maximize ROI.

Proven BI Expertise

Our reporting services have allowed a number of global clientele to improve business performance by using data-based insights for faster decision making.

Security Compliance

Our BI Experts are aware of data compliance and security standards that go behind creating secure & modern data flows.


We drive strategic success and help businesses achieve their objectives with our transparent, flexible & qualitative approach towards data modelling.

Modern Technology

We use the latest tools and technologies to build effective & secure business intelligence solutions.