Monitor and Manage with Ease, Be Proactive

Application Performance Monitoring Software that provides automatic data collection, real-time visualization, smart query interface and intelligent alerts across your application and servers.

Application performance Monitoring SOFTWARE

Support resources act as a backbone for mission critical applications that deliver business results for you and your customers. Century Software’s Proactive Monitoring solution is designed to provide pro-active support and take preventive measures for underperforming, critical systems and applications.

The solution provides performance monitoring, historical trending, reporting, and email/SMS alerting to proactively warn support staff of potential issues before they cause business interruptions. Provides pre-configured out-of-the-box monitoring for most vendors of  firewalls, load balancers, servers, applications, databases, and storage from a single web-based console.

Features at a glance

24-hour proactive monitoring

24/7 Monitoring

24/7 hardware monitoring and reporting. Monitor hardware performance, reporting logs and Operating System.

Proactive Monitoring - Secure Transmission

Secure Transmission

100% outbound encrypted data transport over a secure protocol which also enables complete compliance to HIPAA standards.

Proactive Monitoring - Integration Ready

Integration Ready

Integrate with specific applications so as to monitor application performance, down-times and user experience.

Proactive Monitoring - Error rresolution


Error resolution using smart query interface. Includes query library and editing capabilities in real-time.

Application Performance Monitoring expedites growth for a leading MedTech Company for accelerated growth and elevated customer service 

What can we Monitor


Proactive Monitoring - cpu usage

CPU Usage

Proactive Monitoring - Memory Usage

Memory Usage

Proactive Monitoring - output

Disk IO

Proactive Monitoring - network performance

Network traffic


Proactive Monitoring - database

Database performance

Proactive Monitoring - server

log size

Proactive Monitoring - warning


Proactive Monitoring - analysis

audit logs


Proactive Monitoring - application performance

Application performance

Proactive Monitoring - application error logs

Application Error

Proactive Monitoring - performance

process performance
and health

Proactive Monitoring - versioning


Data Connections

Proactive Monitoring - database


Proactive Monitoring - Customer Support


Proactive Monitoring - analysis

data validation

Proactive Monitoring - server-check

data verification


Proactive Monitoring - open-source

Open Source

Proactive Monitoring - certification

License Free

Proactive Monitoring - cloud performance

Two way

Proactive Monitoring - database

Cloud or
on Premise


Memory Usage

Discover accurate memory usage by applications and operating system

user access

Find the total number of users accessing the server and applications

error in logs

Analyze data and find errors

database deadlocks

Prevention of database deadlocks

application specific metrics

Retrace, Measure and Monitor performance of each application

on premise database

Local database for performance and security

cloud or on premise

Deploy faster and save on datacenter infrastructure

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