Data Security and CPA Softwares – Can You Be 100% Sure?

CPA Softwares

Cyber-crime is on the rise. Sensitive business data is often put in the hands of CPA firms. Every other day cyber-attacks make news headlines. Even large enterprises are not spared from the wrath of these devastating damage albeit the deployment of high-quality, presumable super-secure CPA Softwares. So, how safe is business information and what impact does the functionality of a CPA Softwares have on it? As an accounting software company, what is it that you definitely ought to know to filter out the noise created in such scenarios and help you pick a robust yet safe CPA Softwares? Let’s see some very important points you have to be aware of in the realm of data security for CPA Softwares.

Data Protection and Security Levels

This is a given. No business can wait until a breach has happened in order to assess the security and data protection in your company. Always make an introspective look at the type of hardware, network and firewalls you employ to ensure that everything that happens inside your CPA firm, stays inside your CPA firm. If you are ever unsure, speak with Data Protection specialists to analyze this gain confidence in your security levels.

Backup and Disaster Recovery

Always. And, we repeat – Always – have an up-to-date backup system to help you in case of a disaster. Invest time in researching an appropriate data recovery solution. In fact, go a step further and try multiple layers of back up at different locations if your firm operates that way. You can opt for local, on-site and off-site models of backup to always stay safe.

Review BYOD Policies

In an era of IoT, employees may bring in multiple types of devices into the company network and access different information during their work hours. Such handling of critical client information is among the most easiest ways for mess-makers to creep into your files. Lay down strict principles for the use of devices in your firm. Purchase a Mobile Device Management solution to keep track of all the data being accessed on personal devices within the premises.

Safe Technology Usage

In an industry that heavily deals with financial and accounting data it is but a no-brainer to invest in quality technology. Look for CPA softwares that allow you to setup business grade firewalls, even if it means shelling an extra buck. Propagate the importance of the use of strong password use and encryption protocols. An anti-virus software is almost a given. Look for enterprise-grade solutions for all the devices and PCs used across your business. Ensure that all the technology you use complies with both your business standards and that of the clients’.


Practical, realistic and proactive measures in employing data security is of utmost importance for CPA firms. Talk to technology providers that can assess your needs in this aspect. Our consultants at Censof can throw more light on how you can bring in diligence in your data security principles. Write to us now!

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