Strategic Process Automation for CPAs in 2020

Is improving your internal processing among the top priorities for 2020? We would say this is a great place to start. Censof has worked with renowned CPA firms to help improve their internal process via Process Automation.

Bring Together Process, People
and Resources

It is time to stop struggling with disparate systems in your firm. Censof’s Process Automation helps you build a unified interface to get all your business data together and help trigger seamless internal workflows.

Our latest resource, CPAs Guide for Process Automation will take you through the success story of how a leading CPA firm automated their Client Onboarding process. Censof enabled the firm with digitized workflows to bridge independent systems and firm software through a tailor-made process application. Today, the firm is able to easily manage their prospect and pipeline better and is enjoying higher productivity rates.

Get in the know of how Process Automation really works and how all your departments can benefit from it. Download the CPAs Guide for Process Automation.

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