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Advanced BI Platform that delivers exceptional results for you and your customers.

advanced Bi platform

In a world of ‘instant-everything’, why should your KPI’s and insights take forever to deliver? Explore our Advanced Business Intelligence Platform to arm your organization with actionable information and elevated readiness.

three simple tools to amplify growth

data discovery

With our Advanced BI, Visual Analytics meets Enterprise Grade Performance. Get the power of ‘self-service’ and build predictive insights for your business. Blazing fast data discovery is scalable, responsive, cloud-based and brings together all things such as Big Data and IoT in one single platform.

Cloud bI

Enable continuous collaboration with our SaaS based, multi-tenant Best BI Cloud Platform. Power up your enterprise with real-time data to build a cohesive environment that connects key stakeholders regardless of their location.


An essential piece of business analytics is data that is dynamic and of high-variety. Censof’s Big Data and IoT solutions empower you with data processing capabilities to give the right type of data to the right user. Bring together critical business data from varied platforms like Social, Mobile, Enterprise Content and Storage to draw meaningful insights.

Advanced BI that drives breakthrough insights.