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Business Analytics Services for Growing Business.

The business analytics services


One Cloud

Unified Cloud Environment for diverse teams and departments. Instant access to business critical data and assets.

One Interface

One Interface

Familiar user experience across applications delivering optimal performance and insights.


Actionable Insights

Actionable insights for informed decision making. Collaborate securely to create a cohesive growth environment.

Sales and Marketing

Sift through prospects to find quality leads. Get on-the-fly data driven sales decisions.
Omni platform for multiple marketing channel analytics.
Strategic budget allocation based on campaign performance. 
Business Analytics Services for every need.

Sales Forecasting

team Performance

Demand Planning

Multi-Channel Marketing​

Pipeline Management

Customer Service Analytics

Service team Performance

Business Impact Analysis

operational Analytics


Examine employee KPIs.
Improve operational performance.
Understand factors that drive customer satisfaction.
Stay on track with SLAs and improve everyday.


One-interface for multiple accounting system reporting.
Multiple Currency management.
Meet assigned KPIs and legal standards.
Simplify billing Increased customer value and profitability.

Billings Reporting

Enterprise Dashboards

Financial Analytics

Demand Planning

inventory insights


Supply reporting

Supply Chain

Real-time supply and demand visibility.
Transparent governance.
Multiple product line management.
Synchronize demand and production.
Comprehensive view of spends and purchase orders.
Maximised profitability through
higher sales and distribution visibility.

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