Century XML Reporter is a the highly flexible reporting component of the Business Performance Management Suite, that allows data to be sourced from multiple Cascade Planning models, Cube Reporter cubes and other data sources, and presented in virtually any desired format either directly to a web browser or to an Excel® spreadsheet. The same report can be delivered to a 'thin client' web browser, or delivered to an Excel® spreadsheet.

XMLReporter can combine tabular, graphical and dashboard style presentation of data, and built in
intelligence allows dynamic interactive reports to be defined and delivered to end users. Selection lists can
be incorporated to filter or slice and dice the data being viewed.
XMLReporter provides extensive control over formatting, allowing fonts, font sizes, colours and many other
attributes to be specified or dynamically set (e.g. colours change based on value). Cell based positional
control permits the placement of different output to any place on the report, making XMLReporter ideal for
producing financial statements for multiple entities or divisions.
XMLReporter supports a wide range of chart types, with flexible control over different attributes of the graphs.
Report styles can be defined, incorporating standardisation of reports and formats. Style formats can be
saved and subsequently re-used in any report.
A useful feature is the ability to provide spreadsheet "fill in". Reports can be defined that only populate
certain spreadsheet cells with data, leaving the remainder of the spreadsheet and its calculations intact.
This makes itideal in situations where a spreadsheet template needs to be completed on a regular basis.
XMLReporter's support for multiple data sources and multiple output controls makes it ideal for creating
custom dashboards for different users.
Calculations can be built into the report allowing on-the-fly calculation of ratios, variances and other
computed results from the source data.
XMLReporter offers the ultimate in on demand reporting, and users require only a web browser or a
spreadsheet to retrieve them. Security management enables reports to be published only to those users
who are required to have access.
Report from any data source in the Century Performance Management Suite
Create standard report libraries
Report complex financial statements
Create dynamic interactive reports
Report from multiple data sources
Create 'rolling' forecast reports
Create corporate and personal dashboards
'Fill in' spreadsheet templates
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