Records details of transfers, stock movements and changes to stock on hand by quantity, cost and retail. Transactions available at all level of season, division, store, department, class, subclass and brand. Multiple costing methods supported including direct cost, standard cost, and corporate weighted average.  
  What does it do?  
  The Transfer process is part of the Goods movement function. This is generally a user Data Entry function although the system is capable of taking Transfer information from other devices. ie. POS (Point of Sale) or PDT's (Portable Data Terminals).

This is the base level data entry routine for entering Transfers to Century Reveal. Other processes can create Transfer transactions. The system tracks transfers as movements of stock between locations and thus reports/enquires on this separately.
  The procedures for entering Transfers include the following -  
Data Entry (D/E Tables)
Inventory Tables
Buffer Warehouse (Non Posted Transactions)
Transfer History Tables
Junior / Data Warehouse (Posted Transactions)
Daily History Tables
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