This module provides the user with the facilities to reconcile the computer stock with the physical stock.  
  What does it do?  
  This function manages the variation between the computer (Book) and the physical (Actual) stock. This process is performed by completing annual or rolling stock counts and comparing against Book stock. The system administrator has the option to reset the Book count with the Actual or disregard the comparison.

Each Stocktake is controlled per store by a stocktake status table. Each status is date and login stamped. A system administrator will nominate when a store is to be in stocktake. The user must select the Stocktake Control to inform the system that a stocktake is being performed. For example Stocktake Control will only allow a stocktake extract to take place against the stores that have been entered into the Control table. Normal processing may continue once the extract (snapshot) has been taken. These checks are put in place to preserve the integrity of data and to minimise potential problems.

The procedures for consignment stocktakes are managed by the Stocktake Module.
  The main Stocktake procedures are as follows -  
Create Stocktake Control status for store
Extract the computer (Book) stock (snapshot)
Count the physical Stock
Load or enter physical stock
Report on Book and Actual variances
Create adjustments (+ or -) where necessary
Reset stock to physical Inventory
Log consolidated variances in history
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