This module interfaces to Stock and Purchasing. The sales information from the POS is updated daily and the system can generate purchase orders or allow the user to invoke a manual process.  
  What does it do?  
  The replenish module interfaces with the Inventory and Purchasing modules to replenish frequently used stock based upon usage and sales.

Data captured at the Point of Sale is processed through the Century Retail system. Sales information is automatically updated for each day into the Replenishment Module which depending on your needs, will either trigger the replenishment process or allow the User to invoke a manual process. Century Retail allows for a 4 tier Item based replenishment -One for One, Store Min/Max, Cover (Days, Weeks, Months, Units) and User defined Custom Formula. The User can configure the replenishment hierarchy (Item, Subclass, Class and Department) to suit requirements, including also the ability to configure the replenishment sequence (Store, Warehouse) resulting in Despatches, or Supplier resulting in a Purchase Order.

Purchase Orders can then be auto-Faxed or e-mailed to the suppliers. E-mailed orders can be produced in XML format for automated processing by the supplier.

Century Reveal also allows the User to configure how each Item within the system is replenished either by raising an Order or replenish from the Warehouse.
  The features of the replenishment module include -  
User defined replenishment criteria
Enquiry and Reporting facilities
Complete auto-generation of Purchase Orders
Replenishment Calculator - automatically determines replenishment based on Sales History
User defined Item based replenishment
User defined replenishment hierarchy
User defined replenishment sequence
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