This module is used for the processing stock receipts from suppliers, matching invoices to receipts and creating credit claims against suppliers. The fully matched and reconciled Invoices automatically interface to Accounts Payables for payment.

  What does it do?  
  This function controls the receival of stock into the system. The entry of data reconciles against the system Purchase Orders and as such data entry is kept to a minimum. This process interfaces with Accounts Payable and Item Replenishment.

Posted (Open) Orders are received into stock via this process. Major features include the support of Multi-Company, Multi-Creditor and Multi-Currency configurations and the receival of stock by Style /Colour / Size. If required this function can also interface DIRECTLY with Open To Buy, Cash Book, Accounts Payable and General Ledger Distribution. The major advantage of this process is that data is entered into the system once and this information is processed to System Modules without the need to RE-ENTER data. GRN'S (Goods Received Notes) and Lodgements (used in Duty Free configurations) are also maintained as well as allowing the User to link a Claim For Credit direct to an invoice or alternatively generate a stand-alone Claim For Credit immediately upon reconciling the Creditors' invoice.
  The features of the Purchasing (Goods Receival; Payment &Claims) Module include -  
Supports multiple Order Factors
Supports Multi-Currency configurations
Supports Multi-Company configurations
Supports Open To Buy interface if active
Supports Cash Book interface if active
Supports Accounts Payable interface if active
Supports GL Distribution interface if active
Supports various levels of Login Security

Supports various Merchandising Costing Methods (including - Standard; Cost/Retail; Direct Cost and

Average Cost)
Supports product down to Style / Colour / Size
Ability to receive against Suppliers' Article Number
Claim for Credit entry support either linked to invoice or stand-alone
Supports receival of single invoice but multiple Orders
Large selection of Enquiries and Reports available (including Style / Colour / Size)
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