The management of all purchase order functions are done via full online maintenance procedures under assigned user security control. Confirmed purchase orders can either be faxed or e-mailed to suppliers in clear or XML format. This module can process received stock in a variety of methods, including the assignment of initial merchandise distribution for stores to carry-through for warehouse distribution.  
  What does it do?  
  This module controls the ordering of stock throughout the system. It has a Single Store entry program for simple stock orders or the Multi-Store program when handling Packaged Stock. Package stock can be either Direct to Store or to Central Warehouse.

Century Reveal supports the entry of Single and Multi-Store Purchase Orders and can be created down to Style / Colour / Size. The Single Store P/O program is unlimited in how to Order product. The Multi-store program primarily caters for the purchase of Pre-Packaged Stock in a Direct Store Receival or Warehouse to Multi-Store scenario. Pre-packaged Stock (Packs) are defined within the system prior to entry. Also supported is the ability to automatically generate Purchase Orders from an Order Distribution program.
  The features of the Purchasing module include -  
Supports multiple Order Factors
Supports Multi-Company configurations
Supports Multi Currency configurations
Feeds the Open To Buy module if applicable
Several Configuration Parameter settings are also supported (including - Multiple P/O cancellations)
Supports a wide variety of Login Security features (including - Multiple P/O cancellations)
Allows orders placed against Multiple Suppliers (Order Distribution)
Supports Independent costing methods (including - System Cost, Landed Cost and Last Purchase Cost)
Supports the entry of product to Style / Colour / Size level
Supports Supplier Stock Protection
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