This function allows various stock items to be placed on promotion. Promotions can occur at a future date and separate reporting of these items is provided.  
  What does it do?  
  This module is designed to manage items that may change their value at Retail for the duration of a promotion. Stock is not revalued at this point, but Items are flagged for the period of a promotion against a unique code for enquiring and reporting at a later date.

The Promotional function was designed to play a dual role. Firstly the data is prepared at Head Office indicating a promotion. These can be set well in advance. Stock is not revalued, but each Item within the promotion is flagged for reporting during the period of the promotion. Individual Items can be flagged, or a selection filter may also be used to group Items, allowing the User to set a particular markdown percentage (with optional rounding) across the board. The second role is to download the PLU information to the Point of Sale.
  The procedures for posting price changes include the following tables -  
Buffer Warehouse (Unposted transactions)
Item Reference Tables
Junior Warehouse (Posted Transactions)
Inventory Tables
Data Warehouse (Posted Transactions)
POS upload Tables
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