Centralised PLU (Price Look Up) control with automatic distribution to POS via the communications module. Also provides fixed period promotional PLU management at store/division level.  
  What does it do?  
  This function is designed to manage items that may change their cost price due to incorrect data entry or documentation error. Cost price changes apply to Standard Cost valuations only. Retail price changes are mainly used to revalue the stock at Retail for Store Markdowns etc.

The Cost / Retail price change routine was designed to play a dual role. Its primary role is to revalue the stock at either Cost or Retail to hold financial integrity within the Merchandise tables, so that accurate projected profit margins on stock are maintained. Its secondary role is to prepare PLU (Price Look Up) price maintenance files for download to the POS (Point of Sale) devices to update (+ or -) the new retail price. Price changes may be prepared in advance and are date activated automatically by the POS file download routine. Full price change history tables are maintained for all changes made.
  The procedures for posting price changes include the following tables -  
Buffer Warehouse (Unposted transactions)
Item Reference Tables
Junior Warehouse (Posted Transactions)
Inventory Tables
Data Warehouse (Posted Transactions)
Adjustment Performance Tables
Price Change History Tablesl
POS upload Tables
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