This function manages the input data coming from the Point of Sale devices as well as additional data collection units such as PDT's (Portable Data Terminals).  
  What does it do?  
  The Century Reveal data input routines from external sources are designed with maximum flexibility to allow for input from various devices. These may include Proprietary Cash Registers, PC (or DOS) based Cash Registers, Database Cash Registers, and proprietary Portable Data Entry devices.

The decode routine selects from the various files the necessary data required for processing. The data is then re-formatted and loaded into the input tables ready for processing. At this point the data may be pre-edited (errors corrected) or Post edited (errors corrected at a later date).
  The main features of the Decode routine include -  
Supports Multi Input devices
Full data integrity checking
Supports Multi transaction types
Data file reversal routines available
Supports On screen error correction
Data reprocessing routines available
Supports Database interchange routines
Performance Graphs, Enquiries, and Reports available
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