This module enables the creation of store models for sales and buying planning. It is linked to stores sales automatically. It has a automatic creation of store/class/budgeted sales and OTB budgets from store sales models and budgeted store sales It includes easy maintenance of models and budgets and provides for simple "what if" sampling. Full reporting of budget/planning OTB with roll up top division level.  
  What does it do?  
  The Planning Services / Open To Buy Module is designed to assist the Retailer to manage the Open to Buy budget and the resultant purchasing decisions. Monthly sales budgets may be entered as far in to the future as required from the Corporate level down to Day or Salesperson as needed.

The OTB module may be implemented to calculate on either Cost, Net Retail or Gross Retail figures. This option, together with the Budget hierarchy which descends through Company, Division, Season, Store, Period, Week, Day and Salesperson provides the ultimate in sales budget detail. The chosen budget level together with the OTB options of Department, Class or even Item provide the Merchandise controller or Buyer with supportive projections to allow effective basic buying or expansion decisions. The standard OTB implementation uses the current Budget at Store / Period level to calculate the open to buy dollars for all Department or Class options.
  The main features of the Planning / OTB Module include -  
Supports up to 8 Budget levels
Supports up to 3 Merchandise levels
Supports up to 26 Budget revision levels
Open ended future Budgets
Budget load option available
  Included in the OTB calculations are:  
Percentage contribution to Store/Period sales
Projected Stockturn rate
Percentage of Markdowns to Sales
Gross profit percentage
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