Supports stock transfers between warehouse and stores, store to store and to wholesale customers. Full audit documentation is automatically provided for all warehouse activities. Streamlined confirmation of receipt into stores. Full maintenance of committed / in-transit quantities at SKU level.  
  What does it do?  
  The Despatch/Distribution Module deals generally with the transfer of stock. The transfers can be either from warehouse to stores or between stores.

The Despatch Module provides the user with the facilities for transfer of Stock between one location and another (Inter-Store transfer) as well as the transfer of stock from the Warehouse to many locations (Distribution). Because these transactions are kept separately from other store Deliveries the system allows separate reporting and enquiry. Despatches are entered easily into the system providing the User at time of Requisition with current Stock On Hand, Committed and Requested stock levels. This Module controls the status of each Despatch as it moves through the system providing the User with Reporting and Enquiry tracking capabilities (in-transit stock for example). The User simply reports on a status or alternatively can track to item level for any despatches within the system. This module not only allows for the transfer of an individual item, but also caters for bulk despatches by using hierarchy filters (Department, Class, SubClass, Brand etc). This Module can also be configured to bypass procedures in the process if applicable - No Receipt Print - for example.
  The features of the Despatch / Distribution Module include -  
Inter-Store transfers
Warehouse Distribution
User configurable status control
In-transit Enquiries / Reports
Stock On Hand, Requisition and Available Stock unit levels at time of entry
Despatch of stock to Item/Colour/Size level
Run  number  control - determines how the stock is physically delivered by the Warehouse (ie geographical
Login Security available for all Despatch levels except for adding a Despatch
Transactions are fed to this Module via the Replenishment Module as well where required.
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