Allows maintenance of historical data to be archived and removed from the current Century Reveal database. Archive processing is totally under user control.  
  What does it do?  
  The Archive Module controls the storage of information updated throughout the system. This can either be automated or User maintained depending on your requirements.

Information is updated into Century Reveal from all areas of the system including the History and Transaction Performance tables. The User decides the frequency and amount of data for archiving once (for automated archiving), or the User defines the frequency and amount of data to select (for User-defined archiving).

Apart from Archiving - this module can also be used for selecting desired information and unloading for import into another database if necessary.
  The features of the Archive module include -  
User defined archiving criteria
Facility to manage Active and Closed Archive History
Structured Archive Reports are available
Comprehensive Closed Archive functionality including - List selected data on Archive tape; Restore archive
data from selected tape; List restore directory; Delete restore directory
Use of pre-defined archives or User-defined archives at each archive
Automatically stores the User-defined parameters / options set for each Archive
Simple  Transaction  Blocking  techniques  -  ie.  ability  to  set  the  number of records in each "commit" to
control concern over the available logical log space within the database
Comprehensive   Archives  -  In - Progress  functionality  including  -  Restore  unloaded  files  from  tape;
Uncompress unloaded files; Load unloaded files; List tape contents; Print tape contents
Comprehensive  Open  Archive  functionality  including,  Select tape  device;  Save  unloaded  files to disk;
Compress unloaded files; Delete unloaded files; Structured Archive Enquiries are available
Referential Integrity guaranteed when physically deleting archived data from the database
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