Century KPI Manager provides an integrated scorecarding and performance monitoring capability, enabling management to track key performance indicators (KPI’s) against predefined goals.

KPI Manager's simple setup process makes it easy to translate the organisation's strategic focus into a meaningful scorecard presentation, and offers management and executive users intuitive access to quickly identify problem areas and drill down to identify performance anomalies.

Allowing for both financial and non-financial KPI's to be tracked and analyzed, KPI Manager supports multiple scorecards with different hierarchical drill downs (e.g. by business unit, by property, by geography etc). Intelligent integration with Microsoft PowerPoint® or Open Office Impress®, enables control charts and status reports of problem areas to be easily incorporated into off-line review sessions, or emailed to others.

KPI data can be loaded directly from other CSb components such as Cube Reporter and Cascade Planning or from other application systems. KPI Manager also incorporates a facility enabling the manual capture of KPI data (through a browser or spreadsheet) which is not available from existing data sources, making it easy to collect and consolidate virtually any required performance measure.

A powerful Performance Scoring option makes it easy to extend your KPI tracking into a powerful performance scoring solution which applies predefined weighting to calculated performance scores.

KPI Manager is fully integrated with the other components of the Century Business Performance Management Suite, making it easy to load key performance data from the planning process, as well as from other external sources
Any number of KPI’s can be created
KPI’s can be organized into standard balanced scorecard or any other perspectives
Drill down on KPI ‘Outcomes’ to identify ‘Causal Drivers’
KPI control charts enable management users to review KPI’s graphically
Powerful Performance scoring option allows weighting of computed scores
Easy to setup and maintain by non IT personnel
Extensive security ensures users see what is relevant to them, and sensitive data can be safeguarded
Load KPI data measures directly from Cascade Planning models, Cube Reporter cubes, from other applications or via manual entry
Web browser 'thin' client accessible anywhere
No software installation on client computers
Centralised management of data and structures
Supports multiple organisation hierarchies, multiple scorecards and multiple perspectives
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