“We are in the business of matching our customer needs with our inventory. That means we can sell at a price that is competitive and move inventory that is becoming aged. The winner is a company that clearly sees the opportunity and acts. We use Century Analytics to see this.”

– John Chan, eSys USA
  “Century Analytics has given a new level of insight into our sales data. The product’s anytime, anywhere access coupled with its ability to pull data from multiple databases will not only save us a tremendous amount of time but will allow us to make better, faster strategic decisions.”

“Another plus for us was the support and consulting that we received with the product. The consultants at Century were great to work with. Their knowledge, skill, and ability to figure out each one of our unique issues resulted in a very smooth implementation process.”

– Brian Prossen, Senior Manager, CCH, a Wolters Kluwer business
  “Century Analytics ease of use provides every partner quick access to key data necessary to effectively manage their firm.”

– Michael Johnson, Partner, O’Sullivan Creel, LLP
  “Century Analytics has literally saved weeks of time in report writing and analysis and is very easy to use.  Once you get into the program, a world of information is at your fingertips.”

– Donald M. Kretschmar, CPA  Partner in Charge - Tempe Office, Henry & Horne, LLP
  “After evaluating several business intelligence solutions, we chose Century Analytics from Century Software. Century Analytics integrates with  SharePoint, is easy to use, accessible by hundreds of users, works with multiple data sources, and is an affordable solution. It produces customized daily and weekly reports we review while making important business decisions. The Century Software team was responsive and delivered a product and service that adds great value to Elliott Davis. ”

– Bob Jamison, Chief Information Officer, Elliott Davis
  “Century Analytics has streamlined our reporting administration and is a perfect conduit from our time & billing system to report to our partners. We have saved hours each month not having to break down and translate information to generate meaningful analysis and reports. Century Analytics has automated the entire process for us”

– Jeff Campo, Managing Partner, Wiss & Company, LLP
  “We are finding Century Analytics is cutting down the time for us to review AR aging for partner’s.  If we want to find what invoice makes up a certain receivable balances, all we have to do is drill down.  We do not have to go into various screens and reports.”

– Tammy Angelillo, Controller, Blum Shapiro
  “Century Analytics has allowed us to provide valuable budgeting and forecasting information to each of the partners in our firm. We generate these weekly updates for the partners automatically utilizing the email feature in Century Analytics.  The weekly reports sometimes trigger requests for additional information and reports which Century Analytics makes easy to fulfill.”

– Michael Johnson, Partner, O’Sullivan Creel, LLP
  “Century Analytics offers us a flexible and powerful means of pulling information from the CCH Practice Management system.  The ability to design a report that gives us real time access to sort, order, summarize and drill down into the detail has literally cut our necessary reports from over 250 down to less than 50.  We utilize Century Analytics for meaningful financial information, client lists and downloads, due date and budget monitoring, marketing and human resources.”

– Ledah A. Cornell, recently retired Director of Technology for Henry & Horne
  “With minimal training Century Analytics empowers our users to slice and dice real-time data to their hearts content using real world names that make sense to them (not meaningless field names). Drill-down capability allows our users to navigate through multiple tiers of data previously only attainable through multiple reports. Finally Century Analytics has the ability to deliver this information in a  number of ways.(Favorites Dashboard, Email and SharePoint).  Being able to send exception time sheet notifications to ONLY the staff not meeting requirements while sending summary detail to key management has been extremely helpful in driving policies and procedures.”

– Dan Mallory, Operations Manager, Habif Arogeti & Wynne, LLP
  “Century Analytics is the easiest to use analysis product on the planet.”

– Celeste Brockwell, National Sales Manager, Gourmet Garden
  “Straightaway we identified key areas for increasing sales and increasing margins. We are very excited with the growth opportunities for our company which we would not have found without the use of Century Analytics.”

– Bernie Humphreys, Picone Group Australasia
  “We spend less time trying to make reports, and more time analyzing our data. You can spend hours preparing the same report with tools like Crystal Reports, but with Century Analytics, it’s just there. We are able to diagnose and Analyze sales numbers at a moment’s notice. This leads to increased sales and profitability.”

– Kris Loomis, Nextteq
  “I must admit that Century Analytics has saved us money by identifying low margin sales, improved inventory and identifying lost customers. I love it and have recommended it to 3 other companies already.”

– Wayne Fowler, General Manager, Gilkatho Pty Ltd
  “Just as some people wonder how they managed before Internet and Email, we at the Shaw Group wonder how we ever managed without Interactive Reporting.”

– Norman Shaw, Shaws Department Stores
  “Century Analytics is incredibly simple and efficient.  It is literally light years beyond the reporting that we can do from SAP itself – I love it.”

– Steve Ozmai, Skins Compression Garments
  “With Century Analytics we are able to generate reports that identify opportunities and sales trends allowing us to meet the increasing demand on time. Best of all the reports take only seconds to generate and allow me the time to identify those opportunities and make the sale.”

– Andy Boydell, Sales Manager, Sportrade
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