Century Cube Reporter provides an easy to use web based OLAP analysis tool that enables users to slice and dice data, drill down to quickly identify trends, filter and focus on different aspects of the data and perform ‘on the fly’ what if analyses. Cube Reporter incorporates flexible graphical views, enables users to save favorite views of data, and incorporates a plug-in for Microsoft Excel and Open Office Calc enabling users to extract data to their desktop for off-line analysis.

Data may be easily imported into the system from external data sources using either delimited text files or using ODBC connections directly into relational database tables. An 'intelligent quick load' format lets non technical users create an OLAP cube by simply uploading a comma delimited file, without the need to define any dimensions.
  Century Cube Reporter Applications:  
Ad hoc data analysis
Report distribution
Multidimensional analysis
Ad hoc consolidation
  Century Cube Reporter Key Benefits:  
Users can slice and dice through the data, downloading only the information they need to see
It has an ‘out of the box’ functionality — no programming is needed
Easy to implement and can be installed and operated in minutes
Training is not necessary as reports are presented via any browser and in spreadsheet format
Simplified reporting from financial planning and budgeting systems
It allows complete control over when and what is published to a variety of user groups
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