Century Software Inc. has developed a competitive, world class retail solution for mid-market retailers. Century Software Inc. understands that mid-market retailers have the same issues as big ones but need solutions that are specific to them. The combination of Century's Retail merchandising solution and integrated Century Financials all running on the security of a major database engine provides a solution pedestal for creating business advantage. The solution uses industry standard technology products for the Retail sector thus providing the investment protection required in today's ever changing technology environment.
  "Century Retail will help you move to the next level at an affordable cost."  
  Today's customers have become more sophisticated in terms of what they want out of retailers. Retailers need to look at ways to become increasingly customer focused and more efficient at an affordable price. To achieve this, today's retailers must look beyond merchandise management and become involved in merchandise planning, supply-chain automation and customer service systems.

Century Software Inc. solutions are fully integrated, scalable and will grow with your business, helping it to keep pace with the Internet economy. Century Retail leverages all of these benefits with its seamless integration to an industrial strength database and applications that has been certified.

Century Retail will help you move to this next level at an affordable price.
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