Our approach has delivered the stringent public accountability controls needed in financial accounting for multiple Government agencies.  
"Financial management system built for Government agencies; policy and procedures, visibility in reporting and systematic control and monitoring"
  Century Government is a complete suite of integrated Financial Management modules that is feature-rich and flexible to be configured for users. It focuses on the functionality of Government financials and is implemented in various government agencies. The success has won the recognition of Government agencies at the federal state and local sectors in various countries.

With the advantage of the web technology, it is an application that integrates seamlessly with your existing web presence. This starts from the web browser user interface with user friendly environment, on-line training, documentation, customer portal and web services. Users can access it anytime, anywhere and can log in a purchase through the internet.

It all Adds Up.
  "Where you want to be tomorrow determines where you should be today."  
  Some of the key and salient additional features of the system appreciated by our customers:  
Navigation  options  where  users  can  drill  down  to  the source transactions from multiple dimensions. It
provides the navigation across the systems and the modules with no limitation.
Transaction  History  can be kept for any number of periods and years within all modules. Past history can
be used in reports and enquired upon at transaction level.
Multiple  Printing  Options  such  as  in  Excel,  PDF,  and Browser are few of the many options available for
users  to  view  the  records.  Users can send reports to mail, spooler, screen preview, files, stored reports
etc. for easy viewing and analysis.
Online  Training  Material,  User  Manuals,  Technical  Bulletins are some of the documentations that can be
viewed  online. Technical  Bulletins  provides  the  latest  up to date product enhancements. Users can also
build  in  their  own  notes  and  procedures  within  the  system at each of processes to facilitate operation
All  the menus and screens are user define. Users can configure menus based on its necessity. The system
also provides multi level security at the menu, screens, processes and data.
Flexible  reporting.  The  application  has  its  own  report writer, where accountants or accounting staff can
write  their  complete financial  statements  including  balance  sheet, profit & loss, equity statement, asset
movement, fund flow statements, notes to accounts etc.
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