Century Distribution is an affordable and easy-to-implement solution built from the ground up to meet the specific needs of Import Wholesalers who have outgrown or reached the limits of their current systems.

Import Wholesalers spend thousands of dollars per year unnecessarily reconciling disparate business systems and spreadsheets. This is because each piece of technology has a unique business purpose but is not integrated with others.

The integration of modern business technologies changes the way people work and lead to a dramatic reduction in costs, as well as increased productivity, which keeps forward-thinking companies ahead of the competition.
Century Software has developed an integrated solution for Import Wholesalers that encapsulates technologies such as EDI, Scanpack and wireless communications to provide a total solution to your business needs.

These and other business technologies, such as web services, .NET and SOAP aren't just the preserve of larger enterprises, however they can really make a difference to companies with limited resources. Century Distribution integrates all these technologies to provide a powerful and fully functioned solution for mid-sized Import Wholesalers.
  “Century Distribution has been crafted to meet the specific needs of mid-size Import/Wholesalers”  
  Mid-size Import Wholesalers need an affordable, integrated solution designed expressly to meet their needs. Century Distribution adds value to your business by streamlining and integrated previously disparate processes. For example, many organizations have viewed Scan Pack as a technology imposed on them by the larger customers that they sell to. However when this technology is integrated with sales order and warehouse functions it can provide a rapid ROI together with inherent, sustainable efficiencies and cost reductions.  
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