Planning and Business Performance Management Made Easy  

Century 's Business Performance Management(CSb) Suite offers

a web centric 'thin client' solution for Planning and Performance Management which includes an integrated suite of applications providing Budgeting, Forecasting, Consolidation and Reporting, Key Performance Indicator monitoring and Scorecarding, Dashboards and Business Intelligence functionality. Information can be analyzed or reported using data derived from existing data sources or collected directly through the browser or using a spreadsheet. CSb uses 'intelligent' java applets to provide client functionality, whilst centralized storage of data, models and reports ensures users can connect from any client computer using a browser with the appropriate login and password.

The CSb Suite provides a high degree of functionality, ease of use and flexibility for the user, whilst enabling fast zero footprint deployment across the Internet or Corporate Intranet. Integration with desktop software such as Microsoft Excel® allows power users to utilize the tools they are comfortable with.

Using the web to provide a collaborative approach to data collection, consolidation, analysis and reporting. CSb enables companies to cross the boundaries of traditional LAN based or desktop systems.

With a focus on ease of use, CSb is not only inexpensive to acquire, but also fast to deploy, ensuring that the total cost of ownership is low.

  Key modules of the Business Performance Management Suite:  
  Century Cascade Planning  
web centric budgeting and planning
  Century XMLReporter  
web centric XML based reporting
  Century KPIManager  
web centric KPI Monitoring
  Century CubeReporter  

web centric "OLAP style" browser

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