Century Cascade Planning is the fully integrated budgeting, forecasting and planning component of the Century Business Performance Management (CSb) Suite. It provides a fast and effective way to create complex business models, enter data into user defined templates, import data from existing systems and review, submit, consolidate and report the organisation’s budgets and forecasts through the corporate intranet.

Century Cascade Planning is ideally suited to companies that are struggling with the problems typically associated with a spreadsheet based approach to budget preparation and consolidation, forecasting and reporting, and can help to significantly reduce cycle times, provide increased accuracy and offer greater visibility to management.
Powerful workflow ensures that the data collection and consolidation process can be monitored in real-time
and the status reviewed quickly and easily through a web browser.
A very fast multidimensional consolidation engine ensures that management can review key consolidated
results immediately after the numbers have been submitted at the operational level.
Complex multidimensional allocations can be easily incorporated and driver based forecasting is simple to setup.
Importing data into Century Cascade Planning from other systems is straight forward using either delimited
text files or using an ODBC connection directly into relational database tables such as SQLServer, Oracle,
MySQL, Access  etc. This  is ideal for organisations with a mixof financial systems at the operational entity
level,since data can be imported from multiple ERP or Financials systems and then consolidated using CSb.
Reports canbe viewed directly through the web browser, or using a simple plug-in can be delivered directly
  to Excel® spreadsheet
Preparation, collection and consolidation of annual budgets
Long range planning
Rolling forecast revisions and consolidations
Currency rate change impact analysis
Monthly comparative reporting and analysis
Ad hoc planning and consolidation
Revenue forecasting and analysis
Profit and Loss, Balance Sheet and Cash flow forecasts
Complex multidimensional allocations
Production forecasting
Web browser 'thin' client accessible anywhere
No software installation on client computers
Centralized management of data and model structures
Powerful multidimensional consolidation engine
Unique 'cascading' modeling features
Built-in currency conversion
Flexible business modeling environment designed for finance users
Built-in workflow to manage the data collection and review process
Powerful multidimensional 'slice and dice' reporting and filtering
Integrates with Excel® spreadsheets
Extensive security controls to ensure users have access only to what is relevant to them
Scalable from as few as 10 users to 1000's
Inexpensive to setup and fast to deploy
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