Century's Inventory Module provides extensive capabilities in product sourcing, holding, packaging and pricing. Historical behaviours can be analysed so that future demand may best be predicted. It is only through such analyses that inventory levels can be optimised.  
  What does it do?  
  Century Inventory features multi-location, multi-warehouse and multi-bin locations, provides individual warehouse pricing, master and alternative suppliers and allows for inter warehouse transfers to be optionally based upon optimisation criteria.

Primary and secondary product code as well as bar code are provided together with unlimited free-form product description, unlimited alternative products and serial numbered products.

The system provides for separate units of purchase and units of sales with an automatic conversion facility between the two performed by the system. Similarly the system maintains an unlimited number of alternative suppliers either centrally or by individual warehouse.

Users can define a variety of packaging classes which provide for different purchase, storage and sales units. Minimum re-order review facilities are also offered.

A comprehensive set of pricing and revaluation facilities is provided. This includes unlimited quantity breaks by user definable product or product grouping, cost or sell price uplift by user defined percentage of dollar by product and customer, and price revaluation by ABC class or individual product price, percentage or dollar increase/decrease by nominated effective date. Price revaluation by cost may be updated upon receipt of supplier's advice of effective date.

Optimisation facilities include on-line viewing of stock on hand and available by warehouse with details of order received, reserved, back orders reserved and received and blanket orders received and reserved.

In line with the facilities provided by all the Century modules comprehensive inquiries are provided. They include drill down to transaction detail. Query by Form and optional navigation to the transaction's source even when the source is within another module, navigation supports extends to allocation so that original item details can be investigated.
  How is it used?  
  Century Inventory Management is used in conjunction with one or more Century Financials Modules. These include Purchasing, Sales Order Entry, General Ledger and Project Costing.  
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