The Century Service Agreements module is the means by which periodical billings can be automated. It allows the creation of individual service agreement's records upon which the periodical billings are based.

The Service Agreement record is allocated a unique contract id number and cross-referenced to the Customer's Accounts Receivable record and Project Costing record.

Key variables such as installation date, agreement starting and ending dates, billing cycles and service item details are also recorded.
  What does it do?  
  It allows your organisation to automate and control the generation of periodical service billings. This ensures that no customer is omitted from billing when it is in fact due, and that the items and amounts billed correspond exactly to those established at the outset of the contractual agreement.

Timely and accurate periodical billings are easily generated and integrated seamlessly into the related accounting modules. Thus the relevant project costing and accounts receivable reporting are current and beyond dispute.

The Century Service Agreements module invoices in advance, on a choice of monthly, quarterly or yearly bases. Each periodical billing can list numerous service items, their narrative descriptions, relevant reference numbers and itemised charges.

A GST amount is automatically calculated and displayed separately from the total invoice amount.

Invoices can be raised for an individual service agreement or for a range of agreements. The multiple billing process requires a date range to be specified, within which service billings to be invoiced fall due.

The Century Service Agreements billings also integrate with the General Ledger and enable the amortization of revenues over the life of their respective agreements. In this way service agreements sales revenue is brought to account only on the basis upon which it is earned.

Extensions to the Service Agreement details can be made using Century's User Defined Attributes. This allow for extra data fields to be captured, either as single fields or as arrays of data. Examples of use include license numbers, additional support contacts details and so on..
  How is it used?  
  The Century Service Agreements module is used in conjunction with Century General Ledger and Accounts Receivable. It can also be (optionally) integrated with Project Costing.  
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