The Century Purchasing module is the central entry point for all company purchases. Its importance is that all corporate commitment and therefore expenditure can be controlled from this one place. A number of security features exist including individual users spending (delegation) limits, control of the approval process via Century's workflow engine - e-Flow and when coupled with Budgetary Control the commitment can be either warned or blocked if it exceeds preset Budgeted limits.  
  What does it do?  
  Because both stock and non-stock purchase orders are catered for and because the user interface is the same, no additional training is needed and no manual purchase exceptions can 'fall through the net'. Purchasing interfaces with General Ledger and Project Costing and affect the commitments ledgers in these modules. It interfaces with Fixed Assets for both asset capital purchases as well as costs for supporting the asset for example fuel, oil, repairs and maintenance. Obviously it links to Stock and handles the process of Goods Receipting. It optionally connects with the Budgetary Control module to check against budget expenditure limits.

The Century Purchasing module is multi-company. It includes high quality hard copy output with the Century Accounting Report Processor - CARP so your PO documents can contain logos, watermarks, mixed fonts and these can be printed, emailed or faxed.

The Century Purchasing module caters for the special requirements of a number of industries. For example when ordering for stock replenishment the expanded specifications can be automatically picked up from the stock module and included in the purchase order.

Expenditure (delegation) limits can be set-up for each Purchaser. Purchasers can have up to two limits and each limit can have passwords. Alternatively the workflow system can be used to configure the authorisation hierarchy and purchases that exceed delegation limits will be automatically routed to a person with the appropriate authorisation level. The workflow system uses standard email and internet technology and is easy to implement, light on resources and can work over offices connected via the internet.

Each purchaser may have multiple delivery addresses and a multiple drop purchase order can be created that instruct shipment and deliver to these separate addresses. A Contract Register is included so all purchases from particular suppliers can be grouped, analysed and enquired on.

Considerable navigation, period control and PO status is provided.

  How is it used?  
  Purchasing is used in conjunction with Century General Ledger, Project Costing and Stock. It can also be integrated with one or more of the other modules including Fixed Assets and Budgetary Control.  
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