The Century Plant Maintenance module is used to keep your important plant in serviceable condition. By keeping plant and equipment in tip-top condition your organisation can minimise down-time.

The system not only provides service and inspection regimes and also keeps service and inspection history which is a mandatory requirement in some industries.

Interfaces exist with Purchasing for external service requests and also includes a Works Order sub-system for internally tasked maintenance work. Plant Maintenance also interfaces with Project Costing and General Ledger to ensure one-time entry of costs.
  What does it do?  
  It allows your organisation to determine and control the most effective service and inspection regimes for your plant and equipment.

Unscheduled downtime of critical plant can have severe impact on production and the plant maintenance system helps ensure that plant is properly maintained.

The system caters for user defined service and inspection schedules to be created. The service intervals can be fixed intervals or usage based and may be for mobile or fixed plant. If integrated with the Fuel Card module then odometer readings are automatically updated.

Plant service and inspection are planned and booked in advance with the system determining usage patterns. Plant can be maintained internally or externally and will create either work orders or purchase orders as required.

Once the activity is completed, a full record can be stored against the plant item. Especially useful is the facility to flag a watch item that may require replacement. This will automatically be included in the next service or inspection.

The Plant Maintenance system provides full access to reports and enquiries of the service history. This is particular useful in some hazardous industries to ensure the highest level of compliance to legislative standards and ongoing safety for your employees.
  How is it used?  
  Plant Maintenance is used in conjunction with Century General Ledger, Project Costing and Purchasing systems.
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