One of the keys to a healthy order book is customer satisfaction that is achieved by the supply of correct products, delivered on time and to the correct locations. Balanced against this the company's need to maintain tight credit control and an optimum inventory level.

Century's Order Entry is an excellent vehicle for the control and management of customer orders. It provides the expected range of facilities, from seamless integration with other Century modules, to the provision of back orders, blanket orders, picking slips, delivery dockets...
  What does it do?  
  Century's Order Entry module allows multiple order entry companies to be implemented with automatic consolidation to General Ledger. Companies can share or have exclusive use or nominated warehouses and automatic inter-company journals are created when companies sell the other companies' stock.

Firm, alternative product and cancelled order categories are catered for, as are cash sale orders. Orders may be processed through standard processing and delivery facilities with picking slips, delivery dockets and invoices produced automatically. Facilities for prompt and urgent orders are also provided.

Comprehensive pricing facilities allow users to define unlimited quantity breaks by product or product group and client. Prices and credit limits may be overridden at order entry stage subject to password control.

Inquiry during order entry includes alternative suppliers, stock details, stock serial numbers, transaction statistics, stock status and alternative stock.

The order book status is user selectable by product or product groupings, by period, progressive and movement by nominated periods by warehouse and by client. Orders invoiced or cancelled by order type, number and value are also tracked.

Transaction inquiries are provided for any nominated account for any year and includes complete transaction drill down and drill across to transaction sources whether these are within Order Entry or other module. Of course comprehensive audit trails or order transactions are maintained for each warehouse, product and client.

Transaction history can be held for any number of periods to facilitate reporting. The module's open design means that period and year end rolls ups of values still allow historical reconstruction. This structure ensures that all reports can be run for any period, current, past or future and for any period.
  How is it used?  
  The Century Order Entry module is integrated to Inventory, Sales Analysis and Accounts Receivable and by extension to the General Ledger, Accounts Payable and Purchasing.
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