Century's Project Costing module is built to cater for multi-phase and multi-disciplinary medium and long-term tasks. However, within these projects can exist a myriad of small jobs which need to be controlled but do not warrant the creation of a full Project Ledger.

The Job Control module was created to cater for these short jobs. Additionally Job Control can be used to bill jobs using it's interface to Century Billings. These billings can be based on time, time & material, fixed price or different mark-ups on materials and labour.
  What does it do?  
  Contracted work performed by most organisations can be classified into two main groups.

This first group normally comprises medium to long term projects. These are usually multi-phased, involve the processing of a substantial number of transactions and are generally quite complex. The second group involves simple, short-term jobs which nevertheless need to be suitably accounted for. Because of their simplicity and short term nature, they rarely if ever warrant being set up as projects.

These jobs may of course be self supporting. They could exist and be accountable on their own merit. It would therefore be expected that their financial results would automatically flow on to General Ledger.

However, many organisations who operate major projects also run similar short term jobs as an adjunct to one or more specific parts of the project. In these instances, the requirement is that they be linked to Project Costing.

Job Control maintains information on job details such as site details, address, contact, phone number etc... It accumulates costs for Plant, Labour and Materials.

Jobs can be quoted, estimated or costed as time and materials. Jobs can be costed either at a fixed or a marked-up rate.

A number of billing methods can be used, including hours, quantity (mass), quantity (volume), kilometres, or not charge.

Job Control will also maintain key dates such as start, expected completion and actual completion. Upon completion, the Job Control module will pass the details to the Century Billings facility that is part of the Accounts Receivable.

Labour information for each job can be captured from Century's Resource time sheets in Project Costing or from external sources.

Plant usage information is captured from the Century Fixed Assets/Plant modules.
  How is it used?  
  Job Control is integrated to Multiple Journals, Project Costing, Accounts Payable, Purchasing, Billings, Fixed Assets and Plant.
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