Century's General Ledger is a dynamic tool that allows you, its user

The Investments module manages and maintains a register of an organisations investments.
  What does it do?  
  Allow on call Investments to be opened and closely daily.

Additions or deletions to the fund cause the old investment to be closed and a new one created for the new amount
  Fixed Term Deposits  

At maturity the interest earned can be added to the principal and the investment renewed

Caters for investments in Unit Trusts


When interest earned is only known from periodic statements, the system inversely calculates average interest for the investment

System automatically calculates the interest component across month boundaries for all investments which are topped up or decreased during a period

  Investment Calculator  

Can be called from every programs within the Investment module

Lets the user perform various computations relevant to investments without affecting the database

  Information tracked  
  Information includes investment status, institution, investment type, bank and general ledger details, cash flow, notional and actual interest and a set of key dates  
Investment Maintenance
Investment Calculator
Investment Type
Institution Maintenance
Investment Transaction
Interest Posting
Interest Accrual
Investment Schedule
Benchmark Performance
Audit Schedule
  How is it used?  
  Investments is integrated into the Century General Ledger and Cash Book.
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