Century's General Ledger is a dynamic tool that allows you, its user to navigate through the myriad and diverse information stored throughout your system. Whether it is Receivable or Payable, Inventory or Project Management the General Ledger will act both as a microscope and panoramic window.  
  What does it do?  
  At the outset, it provides for a flexible account structure to accommodate an open ended chart of accounts design supporting multiple companies, branches, funds, departments, programs and sub-accounts.

Summary accounts can be definable at any level of your chart of accounts. The GL provide automatic balancing journals for inter-company transactions and an extensive set of user-defined queries and navigation to original transactions.

Century's General Ledger allows you to define up to 59 periods per year. It allows current, previous and future periods to be posted to as well as providing account status definitions such as Open, Suspended, Closed and Delete Pending.

An unlimited number of user-defined ledgers storing both financial and statistical data can be accommodated. They can be interrogated and viewed through any number of user-defined screens containing any mixture of current, past and future years. Moreover any amount of transaction history can be retained for inquiry and reporting.

The system provides an extensive array of journal facilities including standing journals, automatic reversing journals and allocation journal for spreading department or cost centre allocations either by fixed proportions or by variable statistics.

Multiple Budget and forecasts are accommodated and can be reported against. End of period and end of year procedures are exceedingly simple and can be closed in progressive steps.

A user defined report writer is included allowing for set-up of Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss or other user defined reports with a simple and powerful reporting tree for analysis across department and divisions.

A whole array of other facilities is offered, ranging from statistical accounts to account cloning and aliasing, account masking and Budgetary/funds control for organisations which manage expenditure in fixed budget environments.
  How is it used?  
  The Century General Ledger can be used either on its own, or integrated with one or more of the other Century Financials modules. These includes Purchase Order, Sales Order, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Cash Book, Fixed Assets and Project Costing. Interfaces to Budgetary Control, Branch Accounting, Loans and Investments.  
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