The Century Fuel Card system is an automated interface to the oil company's fuel cards facilities. If your organisation manages a large fleet of motor vehicles and there is a need to capture accurate costing against each vehicle then the volume of data entry can become overwhelming.

The Fuel Card module automatically integrates the card data supplied by the oil company into the Accounts Payable module and generates the appropriate distribution to the Fixed Asset/Plant module by virtue of matching the vehicle's registration number to the FA/Plant system.
  What does it do?  
  The Fuel Card module integrates to Accounts Payable, Fixed Assets and Plant Maintenance modules with automatic generation of distribution details.

In organisations with hundreds of motor vehicles this has been proven to save man-days of data entry with a measurable increase in data accuracy.

The information of fuel usage and cost is captured when employees re-fuel their vehicles. This data is consolidated by the oil companies and provided to your company on a periodic basis either by email or by computer media.

This information is read into the Fuel Card module and the data is checked for consistency and accuracy. Limited editing of the data may be performed.

Once the user is satisfied with the data then the Accounts Payable invoice entry is generated and all necessary plant distributions are created to accurately keep track of individual vehicle fuel usage.

Interface definitions exist for both Shell and Mobil fuel cards.
  How is it used?  
  Fuel Card is used to create Accounts Payable invoice entry and plant postings in situations where data volumes warrant automated posting of oil company fuel card information.
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