Bank reconciliation is time consuming and repetitive, yet it also needs to be performed with high regularity if a true financial picture is to be maintained. It is also a pivotal source of information for the accurate tracking of funds flow into and out of Banks.

The Century Cash Book module simplifies the task. It also allows for the myriad of other ad-hoc tasks which are performed daily, form manual, non-accounts payable, urgent cheques, cash or fund receipts not associated with debtors.
  What does it do?  
  The Century Cash Book module caters for any number of bank accounts. Transactions from various Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable ledgers may be posted to any Cash Book Bank.

A number of payment types are catered for by the Cash Book module. Payments processed by Accounts Payable are automatically transferred to Cash Book. Non Accounts Payable transactions as well as manual cheques can be processed within Cash Book, and payments can be made by cheque or bank direct debits system.

Century's Cash Book module automatically captures bank charges, periodic payments, interest and miscellaneous charges via user defined tables with automatic distribution to multiple accounts in General Ledger. Direct links to General Ledger through Century's trigger accounts automatically captures both Project Costing and Asset details.

Account Receivable receipts are automatically transferred to Cash Book and miscellaneous receipts can be processed by a separate entry routine within Cash Book.

Matching of payments and receipts is straightforward as is the matching of single deposit transactions to multi cash book deposit entries. A bank reconciliation is automatically produced.

A comprehensive set of inquiry facilities is available, including drill down and navigation to source document regardless of which module initiated it.

Query by Forms inquiry is available on any combination of bank account, payment or cheque number, payment register number, cheque date, payment, transaction type, payee name and details, and many attributes.
  How is it used?  
  The Century Cash Book module is used in conjunction with the General Ledger module. It can also be used in conjunction with one or more of the other Century Financial modules. These include Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, General Ledger, Project Costing, Assets and Budgetary Control.  
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