Accounts Receivable managed well, is the lifeblood of your organisation. All the other activities are dependent upon that single function. Management of receivable is therefore at the core of an organisation's prosperity and survival.

Century's Accounts Receivable system addresses the information needs of your Management and just as importantly, those of your Clients.
  What does it do?  
  It allows your organisation to control Debtors transactions in an orderly and economical fashion. It caters for most organisations, whether they have simple or complex structures. Consequently, transactions from various Accounts Receivable ledgers may be posted to nominated General Ledgers. Nominated Accounts Receivable ledgers may be consolidated to report group position.

As with other modules, Century's unique set of trigger accounts allow direct linking to General Ledger, Project Costing and Assets so that revenue generated from these sources can be automatically captured once and posted throughout the system.

A flexible retention facility, with retention percentages is provided. For those organisations that require it, textual billing and Credit note facilities are included.

Multiple General Ledger control accounts may be defined to facilitate segmentation of Debtors within General Ledger, for example inter-company versus external debtors, whilst maintaining a single Debtor Ledger. A range of useful facilities is offered to the user. Statement groups can be set up weekly, monthly, or four weekly runs. They can also be staggered to alleviate load. Statement formats can also be tailored by the user. User defined dunning letters can be produced to automatically follow up on overdue accounts. These can be tailored depending upon the days outstanding.

Extensive navigation is provided for the user. This includes "drill down" to transaction detail, even if the transaction is in another module. Naturally, there is virtually no limit to the number of transactions that can be held or to the age of these transactions. By the same token, posting can be effected to past, present or future periods.

Reporting is simple. Moreover, end-of-period processing requires no roll over of values thus ensuring that all reports can be run for any period, whether current, past or future and for any year.
  How is it used?  
  Accounts Receivable is used in conjunction with Century General Ledger and Cash Book. It can also be integrated with one of more of the other modules in the suite, including Order Entry, Billing, Project Costing, Fixed Assets and Budgetary Control.  
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