The Century Accounts Payable module is the primary source of your funds management. Its importance lies in the fact that it communicates with the widest range of information segments in your corporate system. In its simplest form it distributes its data to the General Ledger and controls liabilities with Purchasing reconciliation, feeds the Cash Book, interfaces with Project costing and is a major contributor to the building of Asset information. It evens exerts its influence over the Budget Control Facility and the Organisation's Loans accounts.  
  What does it do?  
  It allows your organisation to control Creditor transactions in an orderly and economical fashion. It caters for most organisations, whether they have simple or complex structures. Consequently, transactions from various Accounts Payable ledgers may be posted to nominated General Ledgers. Nominated Accounts Payable accounts residing in different Accounts Payable ledgers may be consolidated to report group liability. Self balancing transactions are able to be created to handle inter-company account distribution.

The Century Accounts Payable module allows the use of multiple bank accounts and you can nominate a payment bank at invoice entry or change it at time of payment.

Direct links to General Ledger, Project Costing and Assets, and a system of unique trigger accounts provides for the automatic capture of details for these ledgers whether for asset purchases or expenses.

The Century Accounts Payable module caters for the special requirements of a number of industries. Facilities such as GST and flexible retention facilities are provided.

Flexible payment processing is featured. Payments against open items, prepayments, printed and manual cheques are supported. Also supported are both cheque and direct debits by a variety of media, as are flexible settlement discount payments and payment selections by Creditor, Creditor groupings, by bank account, due date or any combination of these.

Considerable navigation, period control and supplier status is provided. A range of standard reports are provided along with extensive on screen enquiry.
  How is it used?  
  Accounts Payable is used in conjunction with Century General Ledger and Cash Book. It can also be integrated with one or more of the other modules including Purchasing, Project Costing, Fixed Assets, Accounts Receivable, Budgetary Control and Loans.  
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